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Thanks to this new funding from @StemCellNetwork and the close partnership with @MorphocellTech we will move our #celltherapy one step closer to the many adults and children suffering of #liverdisease

Thank you @StemCellNetwork for supporting this venture since its very beginning. Together we are bringing to the patients in need what only 3 years ago was just an idea on paper. A lot accomplished, but a lot more to be done. https://t.co/BaH5Wafoc2

Morphocell Technologies' core #stemcell-based ReLiver technology was developed @ChuSteJustine thanks to the continued support from @StemCellNetwork. Together we are engineering hope for adults and children with severe liver disease. https://t.co/RdS6GSSq3g

1 in 10 people in Canada has a liver disease & many progress to liver failure. Dr. @maxpaganelli is working to improve liver failure survival rates & possibly remove the need for a transplant for some patients altogether. Read full profile https://t.co/15eD69FBim @MorphocellTech

#DYK approximately 1 in 10 Canadians have some form of liver disease? SCN-funded Dr. Massimiliano Paganelli @ChuSteJustine is merging cutting-edge technologies such as, 3D printing & organoids to find new ways to treat #liver failure. https://t.co/nsXTwP4HIl #WeAreStemCells

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