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Paganelli Lab

Lab members

· Meet Our Team ·

Massimiliano Paganelli

Principal investigator

Silvia Selleri, PhD

Research Associate

· Current Students ·

Quang Toan Pham
PhD student (Molecular Biology)

Toan was the first graduate student in the lab. He is using patient-derived iPSC to generate an in vitro model of hereditary tyrosinemia type I. He's also working on genome editing and on the treatment of metabolic liver diseases by autologous stem cell therapy. For this project, Toan obtained 4 scholarships (from the FRQS, CORAMH Foundation, Fondation Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie et CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation) and several prizes.

Marie M'Callum

Marie-Agnes M’Callum
PhD student (Biomedical Sciences)

Marie-Agnès is studying liver development with a particular focus on late endodermal differentiation. She is using  induced pluripotent stem cells to understand the mechanisms behind the commitment of stem cells towards the hepatic fate. Marie-Agnès is currently finishing her PhD.


Candice Diaz
PhD student (Molecular biology)

Past lab members

Claudia RaggiClaudia Raggi, MD, PhD
Research associate

Claudia co-founded the lab in 2015 and remained with us until January 2019. She developed the main technologies concerning liver tissue engineering, as well as their applications for disease modeling and cell therapy. She co-founded Morphocell Technologies Inc., where she is now Chief Technology Officer.

Sarah Lépine

Undergraduate student

Sarah did an internship in our lab during the summer of 2017. She studies Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Sherbrooke. In our lab, Sarah worked on the mechanisms behind the differentiation of iPSCs to definitive endoderm. For such a project, which aimed at improving in vitro differentiation to obtain more functional liver organoids, Sarah received a scholarship by the Canadian Liver Foundation.

Zackary Cohen

Undergraduate student

Zackary studies chemistry at McGill University. During his internship in 2017, he worked on the characterization of PEG-based biomaterials and on their tuning for the encapsulation of liver organoids.

Deborah Lénart

Research assistant

Deborah is a hard-working, passionate professional who spent 6 months as a research assistant in our lab.

Jean-François NadeauJean-François Nadeau
Undergraduate student

Jean-François did an internship in our lab during the summer of 2016. He worked on a project to characterise the different lines of induced pluripotent stem cells. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Sherbrooke. Jean-François is particularly interested by genetic engineering and is motivated in pursuing graduated studies in molecular biology.

Mariane Fugulin

Undergraduate student

Mariane spent 3 months in our lab for an internship. She worked on the characterization of induced pluripotent stem cells derived from patients with hereditary tyrosinemia type I.